Selection and Placement

Recruitment processes are conducted with the purpose of gaining to our company the most convenient candidates for the criteria of the requested position and our personnel need in line with the goals of our company.

It is significant for us that the candidates have the abilities compliant with the company mission and vision and also the corporate culture, additionally that they are highly motivated, open to improvement, highly self-confident, having strong communication skills and the qualification to make a strong impression with the work they do.

You can apply via our website or via to take advantage of carrier opportunities in MIP. Foreign language tests and, if the position requires, practical tests are performed to the candidate whose CV’s are considered to be positive after the applications are assessed. The candidates who are positively regarded after all these stages are called for interviews by department directors and human resources department. The candidates whose interview results are good are offered jobs.

If you want to be a part of our team, please complete the job application form carefully. The applications that we receive are kept in our candidate pool within the framework of our confidentiality principle.