MIP Suppliers Ethic

MIP Suppliers’ Code of Ethic


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Scope of Application

The provisions of this Suppliers’ Code of Conduct set forth Mersin Uluslararası Liman İşletmeciliği A.Ş. (“MIP”)’s expectations for all suppliers with whom it does business with. MIP expects that these principles apply to suppliers and their employees, parent, subsidiary or affiliate entities, and subcontractors. MIP also expects suppliers to ensure that this Code of Conduct is communicated to their employees, parent, subsidiary and affiliated entities as well as any subcontractors, in a manner that is understood by all.


Business Integrity & Ethics

MIP expects its suppliers to adhere to the highest standards of moral and ethical conduct, not to engage in any form of corrupt practices, including but not limited to extortion, fraud, or bribery. Suppliers will not offer or accept bribes and commissions or other unlawful incentives and lawful incentives (eg. scholarship, donation) etc. to/from MIP’s employees including respective family members and friends.

Suppliers are expected not to offer to MIP’s employee’s gifts or any other kind of personal benefit resulting from the relationships with the suppliers. MIP has a “zero tolerance” policy and does not accept any type of gift or any offer of hospitality and even invitations to lunches or dinners. MIP expects its suppliers not to offer any benefit such as free goods or services and sales opportunity etc to any MIP’s employees in order to facilitate the suppliers’ business with MIP.

Any infringement of the expected ethical conduct may result in MIP’s severing ALL its business relationship with the supplier, may result in the termination of current contracts based on just cause and without paying any indemnities. Where the supplier is awarded a tender and signed tender specifications the same rules apply. MIP damages in connection with such behavior may be demanded from suppliers via legal means.

All suppliers are expected to have a duty to promptly report any concerns which they may have about a possible fraudulent activity or breach of ethical conduct on the part of any employee, vendor or any other party associated with MIP. Such concerns should be reported to MIP’s Internal Audit & Risk Management Dept. via the following channel:

  1. Whatsapp messages: 0533 155 2415
  2. Email:
  3. Post: Address to Internal Audit & Risk Management Dept.


Fair Competition

Suppliers will conduct their business in line with fair competition and in accordance with all applicable anti-trust laws.


Quality Requirements

Suppliers will meet generally recognized or contractually agreed quality requirements in order to provide goods and services that consistently meet MIP’s needs and are safe for the intended use.


Product Safety

Material safety data sheets containing all necessary safety-relevant information will be made available by suppliers for all hazardous substances and will be provided to MIP upon request and in case of a legitimate need.


Legal and Other Requirements

Suppliers will comply with all applicable laws, regulations, contractual agreements and generally recognized standards.