• Set a record in May with 138,019 TEUs in the port history on monthly basis.
  • The May record was equalized in December with 143,000 TEUs.
  • 7 Reach Stackers were purchased in order to increase the operational efficiency.
  • Commenced the Expansion Project construction that will increase the vessel approach capacity to 2.6 million TEUs.
  • 4 SSG and 8 E-RTG orders were placed that will proceed with the Expansion Project.
  • Container handling capacity in the port increased to 1.5 million TEUs with 9% growth.
  • Additional 80,000 sqm customs-free yard was gained.
  • Conventional cargo throughput reached to 8.8 million tons in 2014.
  • Won the grand prize in port operators category under ‘Logitrans 2014 Logistics Awards’ at the 8th Logitrans Transport Logistics Fair.
  • ‘The Best International Bond Issuance’ was awarded by Bonds&Loans Newspaper in International Bond Issuance of the Year Category.
  • ‘2013 Port Deal of the Year in Europe’ was awarded by Project Finance Magazine in 2013 for the bond issuance.
  • ‘Deal of the Year” was awarded by  ‘PFI Awards 2013’ in the scope of Project Finance International Magazine’s organization.